Digital/Mixed Media

Digital/mixed media artwork. More commissions and fan art and some of my own comic pages and covers from my series "The Errant Apprentice".

Done entirely in Manga Studio 5 EX, this is a piece of fan art for the miniseries, "Over the Garden Wall".
Cecil Palmer fan art from "Welcome to Night Vale".
Character design for a short story comic coming in the future. Drawn and colored in Manga Studio.
Fan art/Filler for the webcomic "Cosmic Dash".
Digital commission for a long time reader. Two steam punk characters from a role playing game.
Convention print of Donatello from TMNT.
I don't think anyone ever needs an excuse to do a print of Kermit the Frog.
The Errant Apprentice Issue 13. Cover
Fan art/filler for the webcomic "Phineus: Magician for Hire".
Page one from Issue 14 of Errant Apprentice
A photo recreation in the first panel from a reference photo taken by myself.
A colaboration. Characters by myself, background by James Riot.
Fan art from the series "Sherlock".
Small character study of Terry from "The Errant Apprentice". Done before the series began.
Convention print of Raphael from TMNT
Character study of Rachel from "The Errant Apprentice".
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