Traditional Media

Some of my commissions and fan art done in traditional media.

Leonardo. Microns and colored pencils.
The Eyeless. Microns and Copics.
Lan and Moiraine. Microns and Copics.
A Simple Gleeman. Microns.
Mat bloody Cauthon. Microns.
The Draong Reborn. Microns.
Idiots of My Own Design. Microns. Colors by Kathryn White using Copics.
Optimism's Flames Cover. Copics.
Candy Wizard. Microns and Copics.
Washu. Microns and Copics.
Ryoko. Microns and Copics.
The Tick. Microns.
Daredevil. Microns and Copics.
Terry from The Errant Apprentice. Microns.
Rick and Morty fan art. Microns.
Commission for a friend of his favorite quote from Rick and Morty.. Microns on blue lined paper and colored with Copics.
The Oak King - Terry in a design for his kingly armor. A few things that need to be worked on, but over all, this is pretty close to final.
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